We who are about to raid, salute you.

As I log off for the night before normal/heroic Highmaul releases, I want to take moment to wish all raiders good luck, regardless of where you are in terms of “hardcore-ness”. Unless you are in competition with my guild, in which case I wish slightly less good luck.

The blog posts will continue of course, but you may notice a slight dip in the frequency due to the time spent raiding. My next post will happen in the next few days and will be a big interface/UI post where i’ll include my Weak Aura scripts for those who have been asking for them. On that note, feel free to request a blog post topic. Want to know more about something? Ask and maybe i’ll write a blog post on it!

Everything you need to know to play blood DK well is in my guides, but should any of you have any issues as we move into raid content you are ALWAYS welcome to shoot me a tweet, ask me a question here, or send me an in-game pst.

I’ll leave you with a picture of an empty wowprogress ranking, representing the start of a new tier and a new race to kill the bad guys.


(I know this is from last tier and that 25 vs 10 doesn’t even exist anymore, but wowprogress hasn’t rolled over yet as of the time of this post so deal with it)



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