What to be thankful for in WoD

Hope all the american readers (and whoever else celebrated) had a good turkey day. In the spirit of thanksgiving (and also because I’m with my family and want to make this a short post) I’m going to enumerate some things we as blood DKs should be thankful for as we move into WoD raiding. I’ll make a nice big post to compensate for this short one after the holidays.


1. They haven’t nerfed Blood Boil (yet).


Currently Blood Boil is giving us amazing AoE potential, as well as good single target damage when we can spam BB. This may get nerfed, and if they do they NEED to compensate our single target damage, but for now Blood Boil and be merry.


2. We don’t have downtime issues


For those of you who followed Blood through the WoD alpha/beta, one of the biggest concerns throughout was our downtime, and it isn’t an issue at all thanks to changes made towards the end of the beta. Whether or not you are a fan of the new iteration of Blood DK, it could easily be a lot worse with tons of downtime.


3. Vengeance is gone


No more having to worry about standing in fire to be optimal! This also makes tank damage balance much easier to tune. AP is one of the most important variables when looking at ability damage, and a wide range of AP coefficients mixed with a wide range of AP values (from 50k AP to 1m+ AP) made balance between tanks an absolute nightmare.


4. All our stats have both survival and damage value


With the possible exception of Multistrike (more on that in a future blog post) all our stats have tangible offensive and defensive value. This is a huge improvement over MoP, where mastery and stamina were our best survival stats, but did absolutely nothing for damage.



Blood DK is in an ok spot right now. We are not top dog, but we are certainly not a runt.


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